Resilience in difficult times

A resource providing simple steps to build our resilience and the resilience of the people we care for.

In these uncertain times many of us will feel a sense of anxiety. This is completely normal response to situations when we feel we have no control and the natural order of things have been disrupted.

 “Resilience in difficult times” provides a practical guide to help build resilience, reduce unease and promote wellbeing.

Dr Julie Christie, whose PhD focussed on resilience and dementia, refers to the three building blocks of resilience: Meaning making; A sense of mastery and control; and Connectedness to self and others.

“In order to focus ask yourself the following questions, which I have adapted from the work of Caroline Webb, and from my own research on the experience of uncertainty in life with dementia.

  1. “No-one knows everything about this situation, so what are the things I know for sure?What can I do, based on that?” (MEANING MAKING).
  2. “What kind of approach or attitude do I want to have about this situation? Given that, what choices do I want to make?” (SENSE OF MASTERY AND CONTROL).
  3. “Who are the helpers in this situation? And who can I help?” (CONNECTEDNESS).
  4. “What feels familiar to me in this, given my knowledge, skills and past experiences? And what does that tell me I could do now?” (MY RESOURCES).
  5. “What can I learn from this? What will I do differently as a result?” (MY ACTIONS).”