DS UK provides a variety of resources to both inform and assist care and support teams and family members who are supporting a person living with dementia. Our consultants can also share a range of specialist resources and screening tools as part of a consultation.

The current Dementia Support UK service has now closed but will relaunch early 2021 with a new subscription service to support individuals, care teams and organisations. If you would like to access any of the resources below, please register your interest for this subscription service.

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The use of music engagement and personalised playlists in dementia care
The use of simulated pets in dementia care
Providing one-to-one care for the person living with dementia
The use of activity sheds in dementia care

Helpsheets during COVID-19

Visiting a care setting during COVID-19
Faith in the time of a pandemic
What you can do to stay connected
Resilience in difficult times
Quick tips to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19
Understanding and managing behaviours in a time of pandemic
Palliative care during a pandemic
Supporting someone who is feeling anxious

Care support guides

Understanding apathy in people with dementia
Animal assisted or pet engagement in dementia care
Responding to medication management issues
Understanding the impact of pain and dementia
Continence and using the toilet
Responding to 'wandering' and exit-seeking behaviour - understanding the message

Position papers

Benefits of floor signage for people with dementia
The use of murals in places where people with dementia live


HammondCare Research Report 2019


Deafness and Dementia Family Carers Booklet
Deafness and Dementia Healthcare Professionals Booklet
Sean's Story: My five tips for living with frontotemporal dementia
Talking Sense: Living with sensory changes and dementia
Talking Sense (audiobook)
Toilet Talk: Accessible design for people with dementia
Talking Murals: The use of murals in places where people with dementia live

Bitesize learning

Let nature lift our spirits


Welcome to DS UK

Other resources

Inside space checklist
Outside space checklist
Dementia Choices